Mollson Cleaners – Website Design

Mollson Cleaners Pvt Ltd is a vibrant fast growing company incorporated in Zimbabwe supported by skilled, reliable, trustworthy , young workforce ready to conquer the cleaning industry.

Website Development
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The Brief

Mollson Cleaners P/L is a leading Zimbabwean cleaning company brand based in Harare.

Mollson approached Admedia Zimbabwe with the idea of having a website that could be easily intergrated with our Search Engine Marketing strategies.

That meant a website that is in all ways user friendly and does a great job of converting leads into actual sales. This is what we do, we love good challenges.

As always after doing our thing, the results where nothing short of amazing.


Before we design any website, we do a quick research to help us optimize our sites to meet consumer requirements.

Development Booth

Results from our research come here for implemantation. Here we design a website and gather all the right tools to help us develop a website that cab scale.


After designing and uploading the website, we gather people who likely to be our clients (test group) and hear their opinions on what we should improve on the new site.