PPC Services

We will help you set up a campaign on the Google Ads platform so that you start getting more customers from the Google Search Engine platform.
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Social Media Marketing

Our team understand the value social media sites like facebook.com, twitter.com and instagram.com can bring to your business. We are ready to help.
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Google Shopping

Google Shopping has become the platform to embrace when it comes to eCommerce. Take advantage of our experience and understanding of the platform & shine!
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The #1 Pay Per Click
Services Company
It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are into, one thing is guaranteed, your customers are looking for a service like yours on Google each and every day.
This is why you need us. We have mastered the way Google works, and better still how you can use it to your advantage. Convert most of the people searching for your product into your customers!

How AdMedia Can Help You

We can help you get in front of your competition! With us you have a partner to count on.

Keyword Research

You just let us know what kind of a campaign you want to run with Google Ads and we'll do the research. Keyword research is done in order to find the right words to target when people search on Google.

Ad Creation

Our team of PPC experts will create an ad on the Google Ads platform that will use the right keywords to target your potential customers searching on Google.


Increase your sales by targeting potential customers who visit your website. Through remarketing campaigns we target a segment of customers who are likely to buy from you by bidding and optimizing your campaigns over time.

Campaign Assessment

We work with your campaign analytics to determine which part of the campaign is doing well and which is not. The goal is to make sure your business is making more profit in line with the campaign.

Facebook Ads

While Google is a great place to find potential buyers, Facebook is also a great place for brand awareness. That's why we also throw a free Facebook marketing campaign. Set your budget and let us worry about the rest.

Analysis & Feedback

At the end of the day, data is going to be the final judge.
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    Reasons why you need us, instead of doing it yourself.
    Get Ahead of Your Competition Today, Try Advertising on Google With Us!
    Of course anyone can sign up on Google Ads and start posting ads, but here is why even big companies like AMC, Forbes, BMW would rather hire a PPC Agency!
    • Every dollar counts and just because you are advertising on the biggest search engine doesn’t mean you are getting Return On Investment. An agency like us will help you avert unnecessary losses.
    • Google has developed through the years, its constantly changing and that means it has a lot of covers to go over. Sometimes you don’t have time to divert from your other important business tasks to learn all of it.
    • We are on top of it! Seriously, we specialize in Pay Per Click advertising, we spend time and resources improving our knowledge on how the search engine works, who better handle your campaigns than us?
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