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This year, 2022 saw us launching our first #OrangeTheWorld Campaign, which aimed to identify local businesses that work towards helping women and children in Zimbabwe facing challenges. This is in line with one of our central corporate values of Winning With People. A mantra created to help Admedia focus on creating services and projects that […]

What strategies can small business in Zimbabwe use to attract more businesses in the new age of mobile connectivity? Here are some of the online marketing strategies small businesses can use for effective online marketing. Social Media Marketing This goes without saying. Your online marketing journey should definitely encompass some form of social media. Small […]

Google has announced a ‘major update’ to the way its core search algorithm works. The changes are likely to affect rankings of one in ten queries made on the search engine. What this means is that some websites are likely to see a decrease or an ‘improvement’ of up to 10% in their search traffic. […]

An opportunity to advertise your products or services to over 99000 followers on Twitter, is what Zimbabwean popular radio personality Samantha ‘Misred’ Musa was offering to many young entrepreneurs in the country. The initiative titled RedMarketSunday allowed anyone with a business a chance to increase visibility of their works for free. Basically what one had […]

Do you ever feel like maybe your business is too small to engage in digital marketing or even hiring an agency for that matter? I want to help you understand why you are probably mistaken. Every business, especially small businesses should have some form of digital marketing in their mix. What is Digital Marketing? Digital […]

You have probably heard about a thousand times right now that you need to invest into a blog if you want your website to matter? Are you now thinking about investing into a blog for your business? I have compiled a useful checklist for you to go through before you embark on this journey. I […]

Music Marketing Here at AdMedia Digital Marketing we offer artists the opportunity to showcase their music to different and new markets. We will use our online marketing skills to help you brand your music; tell your story in your own voice. Music is becoming more about branding than just lyrics on a tune, an artist’s […]

It always seem impossible until you try it! Yes you can make a living online, even in a third world country like Zimbabwe. I am going to show you five ways you can use to survive in this hard economy. Disclaimer: First before we dive into anything, I just thought it fair to let your […]

Spicing up your blog Imagine you just cooked an awesome meal it tests so great, you know this because you have tasted it while you were cooking. You know that everyone else is going to like it, but how will you make other people want to eat it. You know that even though it tastes […]

Google Shopping Ads which can be called Product Listing Ads are Cost Per Click (CPC) or Pay Per Click ads which merchants can buy fro Google to show their products. These ads appear on top of search results on mobile devices and also on the left on desktop devices. Product Listing Ads are most distinguishable […]