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Artist Branding

YouTube Strategies

Social Media Management

AdMedia Digital Marketing offers artists the opportunity to showcase their music to different and new markets.

Music is becoming more about branding than just lyrics on a tune, an artist’s album is more of a story board and the more consistent you are at telling your story, the better are your chances to shine. AdMedia employs different strategies across your channels such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to help you broadcast your story to different people who might connect with you and become hardcore fans that you need to take your music where it needs to be – everywhere.

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Our Services

Artist Branding

We will use our vast knowledge of branding to turn your music into a brand that fans old and new can quickly resonate with. We will turn your story into the center of everything you do, that means we will help you and your management create an online persona that we will use to help you market your music.

YouTube Strategies

Our team will help you manage and market your channel to new audiences. Our strategies include the promotion of your channel using Google Ads, analyzing your channel analytics to see how we can improve your channel, monitoring and requesting take downs of fake accounts posting your music.

Social Media Management

There are only just about three main social media networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but managing all of them and focusing on your music at the same time might be draining. That is why, if you choose our marketing packages we will assign a social media professional who will help you manage your accounts.

Newspaper Features

One of the best ways for artists to connect with potential fans is to get featured in different publications such as music blogs, newspaper articles, online magazine and more. We have built relations with some people in these industries and we can use these to help you get features.

Website creation and mailing list build up!

Your story comes together with an appealing well designed website allowing fans to keep in touch. We will create a branded website that helps you seal all of the above in a neat and strategic way.

You are in better control of your voice if you incorporate your online strategies with a website and luckily you don’t have to worry anymore, with these packages you can get a website from us at a very discounted price.

You can also use this website to capture email addresses from visitors that you will use to market you future projects.

Email is considered one of the most effective tools to promote your music, get fans to watch your videos on YouTube, or leave positive review. We can help you construct appealing emails that will resonate with your fans.

So, tell me again, what are you waiting for? This is clearly the package you have been waiting for to take your music to that next level.


Mark Geezo dancehall
Afro-Dancehall artist!

Mark Geezo