10 Businesses I Learned About on #RedMarketSunday by @iMisred

An opportunity to advertise your products or services to over 99000 followers on Twitter, is what Zimbabwean popular radio personality Samantha ‘Misred’ Musa was offering to many young entrepreneurs in the country.

The initiative titled RedMarketSunday allowed anyone with a business a chance to increase visibility of their works for free. Basically what one had to do was post any product or services they offer on Twitter with the tag #RedMarketSunday and get a free retweet to over 99000 of Misred’s followers.

According to stats released by Misred on Twitter in two weeks, that’s two Sundays, the Hashtag had garnered over 8 million impressions (number of times the tweet was shown) and a reach of over 2 million. Mighty impressive!

Going through some of the tweets made me realize how innovative most Zimbabwean are and decided to compile a list of some favorites.

In no order, here we go:

1. Afronomads – Travel Content Creators


2. The iPhone fixer

3. MK Cabinets – Home Improvements

4. Handmade knit and crotchet


5. Kulnew Designs – Curtain, Bedding and Furniture Accessories


6. Style Cabin – Furniture


7. HWV Cleaning – Cleaning Services


8. Byo Merc – Car Hire

9. Inklabzim – T-shirt Printing


10. DailyHampers – Gifts


These are some of the top businesses I enjoyed, you can share some of yours in the comments section, I know there are lots!

According to Misred, #RedMarketSunday is officially closed after running for 4 weeks every Sunday (I have a feeling, we might see it again soon). For now, all those businesses that got an opportunity and earned new customers are grateful for the opportunity.

That is Digital Marketing Innovation that we try to embrace here at AdMedia, Misred saw an opportunity to use her influence to help young entrepreneurs.

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